How To Use Your Smartphone As A Modem

The process is as follows:

Go to the app marketplace and download through the phone or Google it and download through your PC from the different available sources, preferably the makers-June Fabrics Technology – or CNET.

The installation process from there on is simple because you are led step by step on the procedure once you click on it. If you downloaded it through the phone, you will have to connect it to the PC using the USB cable and run(instal) it. Once installed in the computer, run it on the phone to complete the process.

The application is compatible with the various operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS. It also works on the various phones such as iPhones, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Android. The software provides you with full internet access without any settings change or modifications. It is a risk free way of accessing the internet that connects through 3G, WiFi or VPN while sharing the connection with your computer.

The only catch is that you can use it for free for the first 30 days before you are required to buy it for about $20. The good thing is that the $20 means you do not ever have to pay any amount towards it as the upgrades will be provided for free. The other good news is that you can still access the internet for free after the 30 days trial period, although the access to secure sites such as Gmail, Yahoo mail will be blocked. If you do not care about the secure sites then good for you because you can surf away forever for free.

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