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Five Great Kid Friendly Smartphone Games

If you are a parent with a smartphone, then I am sure you already know this well. Kids love to play games on smartphones. There little fingers are the perfect size stylus for almost any game. These are truly the new digital pacifier of our generation. The attraction between kids and technology are sometimes a mixed blessing in our world. As a parent you want them to learn how to use it and feel comfortable with it, but at the same time do not want it to take all their attention. As is true of most things as a parent, it is a balancing act. Though if you need a little quiet time in the car or at an appointment, these can be a great temporary diversion. Based on some real world experience, here are five great apps for kids. Your kids should love them and they just might give you a couple minutes of well-deserved quiet time.

Angry Birds Seasons This is the grandfather of apps and still a hit with kids. The game has a great back story and the simple game play is easy for young kids to master. The game get progressively harder and the birds get more creative ways to get the pigs. This app fits with kids from age 5 to 18.

Fruit Ninja Free Fruit Ninja is a perfect game for kids that like to make a mess. The premise of the game includes fruit flying through the air and the player using their sword (finger) to slice the fruit. As the game progresses, the fruit goes faster and bombs are added to the fun.

Drag Racing Older kids will enjoy drag racing over 50 cars in the game. Drag Racing offer short course racing with attitude.

How Smart is Your Smartphone & Mobile Internet?

The internet is one of the best and one the greatest marvels of this century. Imagine all the things you can do with it and then imagine what life would be without it. Scary don’t you think? Now that we also have Smart phones & mobile internet the world is truly changing and technology is the front runner. There are so many things and benefits to having a Smartphone & mobile internet. The possibilities and uses are limitless.

You can check your email, make a call and send short text messages for anywhere whether you are in or out of the office. So basically you can keep in touch from anywhere at any time. With this technology you can vide conference anyone from anywhere if they also have the same capabilities as your phone and the network. This Smartphone & mobile internet technology is very good and highly recommended. You can use this technology to get directions if you are lost or to purchase the latest DVD online or better yet to send a video message to friend to let them know your thinking about them.

Smart phones have array of technology and software to help you stay in touch and to do a wide selection of things. They also have great down load speeds and capabilities. They are not called smart phones for nothing. You can shop, surf the net and update your MySpace or Facebook account. You can handle a mini crisis at work at home via your smart phone. You can do business and negotiate big deals from anywhere in the world. Also with this technology it makes syncing and synchronizing your laptop or PC to your computer so much easier and simpler.

Top Smartphone Apps for Copywriters

There’s a scene in one of my favorite books, “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Haruki Murakami, in which the protagonist refers to his job as a commercial writer as little more than “shovelling snow”. A euphemism for something someone has to do. To counter that feeling, I’ve put together a list of labor-saving smartphone writing apps that are sure to put the joy back into writing, or at the very least, make the process pain-free.

App 1:

Evernote When I first started out as a copywriter, I used to keep a little book just for collecting ideas. Evernote allows you to collect your thoughts and musings while on-the-go. You can also save pictures and voice recordings to it too… and for free.

App 2:

Swype and SwiftKey X We all know the keypad on a smartphone can never replace a full-sized keyboard. But download Swype or SwiftKey and you’ll be the swiftest typist in the south, or north or wherever you live. Here’s how. Swype works by letting you swipe your fingers across the keyboard to get the letters you want. It then turns those letters into the desired word. SwiftKey works on the same principle, and even suggests entire sentences based on your writing style.

App 3:

Dropbox As the tagline suggests, its aim is to Simplify Your Life, which is no bad thing when you’ve a hundred pressing things to do. Dropbox lets you share large files easily and synchronize them for access on your smartphone, laptop or computer. You can also invite people to your Dropbox folder so they can access your work at every stage of the process.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone

Smartphones are intended to make our lives easier. With Smartphones, you can manage appointments, e-mails, listen to music, watch movies, socialize with people on social networking sites, and many others. But why is choosing the right one so confusing?

Tip #1:

Make sure you really need it. The very first step in choosing the right gadget is to ensure that you actually need one. They are very expensive and so are the coverage plans that they require. It is extremely easy to use more data than your plan allows and ends up paying for expensive extra charges. Even if you don’t exceed, you could end up paying more for plan that you barely use. Look at how you use your current one.

Tip #2:

Choose the right carrier. Choosing cell phone companies are also as confusing as choosing the right cell phones they offer. They work with various phone manufacturers and they have different levels of coverage and service as well as different plans to offer. To find the right company, check if it has the best coverage in your area. Having the best smartphone is useless if you can’t easily connect to the Web or you are always dropping calls.

Tip #3:

Decide how much you want to spend on a phone. There are basically two things or costs to consider: the price of the plan and the price of the phone. The phone’s price is a one-time expense while the plan could be a bigger expense than your phone. Before spending out all the cash each month, think about how you want to use your phone. Find a suitable plan that works well with your lifestyle and budget.

Safe Carrying Of Your Smartphones

Nowadays, Smartphones and similar handheld devices like tablet PCs are gaining more and more popularity and when you use public transportation services, you can find many people having these devices in their hands. On the other hand, if you are a car owner yourself and commute daily to your office on your vehicle, you will surely be concerned about the safety of your costlier device when you are driving the vehicle. Nowadays, there is a wide range of gadgets that can safely carry your costlier handheld gadgets. Like for instance, nowadays, there is a device called a magnetic mount that can be used for placing safely on the vehicle when you are concentrated on driving.

The best thing about this magnet mount is that it can safely carry any type of Smartphone irrespective of the size and you will not have to adjust the holders, cradles and grippers. Some people own many types of Smartphones and each day; they carry a different gadget to their office. If you are one such individual, you need not adjust the mount every time you are carrying a different phone.

There are also magnet mount meant for tablet PCs as well. Irrespective of whether you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Apple’s product like iPad, once the tab is mounted your pillion riders can watch films via your tab when you are riding the vehicle with concentration on the road. Not only automobiles, these holders can be placed on your office table as well for making sure that your Smartphone and tablet PC can be safely held and there will not be any chance of the device falling down during an unexpected situation.